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Unleashing Creativity: A Look Inside Our Design Studio

Mitch & Co. is a seasoned design studio. We offer a wide range of products including clothing, accessories, and more. Our mission is to provide creative trends at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of products to suit any budget. From inspirational, and cultural to Holidays, we cover all the bases. We have something for everyone. Mitch & Co. is a subsidiary company of  Inline Creative Solutions, founded in 1997 by Stanley Mitchell Ferrell. Mitch has over 35 years of experience in the design industry and has worked with some of the world's leading brands. We currently operate in the US and our products are available online at Take a look as we grow and post new designs every day.


S. Mitchell Ferrell  Owner  Mitch & Co
Color Palette

Soulful designs that are impactful, encouraging and motivating!

I don't think that Illustrations have a time period and as I say this, Norman Rockwell came to mind. So let me back-track; some illustrations have a time-period where they fit within and dominate and only that time-period seem to work. I would call these stylized designs or maybe this is what worked for that period. My kids found some old drawings while cleaning up the garage some of my older ideas and work that Mr. Kenyada and I created in 1997. She took all the work upstairs in her room and posted on the walls. Every time a girlfriend would visit she would tell me about how impressed they were. One day she purchased a print, cutting, graphic machine and used one of the drawings to make a t-shirt. We created the drawings initially for greeting cards but never accounted for the cost of printing; so the project was scraped. Now 2022 these Illustrations are just what we need - most are hand-drawn, then scanned in hi-rez and graphically applied to paper, t-shirts, banner and more . Our plan is to add each day another design that encourage, bring positive messaging or just make you laugh. Please enjoy what we've offered here and don't be shy to pass along some of your great ideas that we can partner with for success. I love art and I love being a natural artist. I've known this all my life and as the tools change so does my adaptable mindset. Please enjoy, please purchase.

S. Mitchell Ferrell


Mitch & Co.

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